Thursday, June 12, 2008

Simplicity 3631

Okay here is outfit number 1 for the sewing contest. I decided to go with buttons on the coat which I really like, Thank you all for your comments they really helped me. I liked the pattern it was easy enough to read, cut and sew. For a coat this is a great pattern I recomend it for beginners, it looks really good for the amount of sewing involved. I did add and alter a bit. I hate darts so I through them into the side seam, you can do this fairly easily with stretchy fabrics. I also added the faux pockets on the skirt also. The top I did a little stichery do's on the collar, which matches the belt. I am so satisfied with the turnout. And thanks to my sis in law my pictures look amazing also. I can't wait to show you the other outfits.
I wish I would have worn different shoes, my feet look gigantic in these. I should have gone with patent leather wedges. oh, well maybe next time.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Another sneek

So I know you are all dying to see my tops for the competition so here is a little sneek at what they look like. My beautiful little sister Mia is my model for the outfits (she is way more photogenic then I, and about 10lbs lighter too) This is a lovely little 50's inspired top that obviously is in dire need of a good press. And that is key people, Having a really good iron is almost as important as a machine. It makes everything look really professional, to bad they will put you back like minimum $100. So I borrow a friends from time to time, the best irons are rowenta. Anyways I think I am going to make a little belt to go on it. This will be paired with the purple damask skirt wih black piping.

I have to say that I am a little disapointed with this jacket. Do not get me wrong it is everything the pattern said it would be. It was actually really easy to sew giving the fact that it is a jacket. I just have gotten it done and on and have decided it does not fit the "look" or "style" I was hoping for. I feel that it makes her look frumpy, the collar s too high and it really should have been made a little longer I think. What do you guys think? It will be paired with the cheetah print skirt. I was going for a safari-like theme here, the jacket is a really nice linen with a satin collar and belt. And last question, Should I do buttons or no?

I would really like to hear what you think of this? In other words I need Help. I also think I would like this outfit on a blond. So if you or anyone you know are a blond about size 4 and are interested in helping me out please email me It is only 2 pics in the outfit that I need. Thanks and happy sewing.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sex and the city

Okay so I haven't seen the movie, yet, but I have looked through this fabulous little book. I like it so much I think I may have to purchase it. As someone who is a big fan of knockoff's, self made and other, I absolutely NEED this book. It is chock full of fantatic clothing, which can be replicated, and a ton of inspirational peices which may produce a full line of clothing from someone such as myself.

Here is a little nibblet of what is in it. It also has a full breakdown of each girls' fashion sense and her "looks" throughout the SATC seasons and movie. For those of you out there like me , who like expensive clohes but cannot afford it and therefre make your own, this book is a "getter". I have already chosen some looks to replicate with a little Laura Tweeking to make it my own.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Okay So I know it has been forever since I have posted but life has been so crazy. I ahave been getting ready for a contest and I have a little sneek preview for you guys.

This is a gorgeous chinese brocade I found in a "secret" febric shop of mine. It is to be the skirt of a wardrobe I am making. It will have a black 60's inspired top and the third peice will be a pair of capris from grey strech suiting material. I wanted to show them that I could reall change it up with this wardrobe. The skirt has black piping down the side seams and across the top seam. I have made it to have an invisible kick pleat in the back.
This is I think my favorite separates I have ever made. It is a cheetah print pencil skirt with a wide waistband, it is not done in this pic, butit will have faux pockets that will be black stiched on the front. The top is a coat, a black linen blousecoat with wide sleeves and a belt.

I hope you like is so far and I cannot wait to show it all to you. Happy sewing.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Sketching--Part 1

Okay I am having issues with loading pictures...sorry. So lets have a talk about sketching, I HATE to do it but it is a really good way to get your ideas down before you forget them. even a rough sketch is better than nothing. So how do we get good, or decent in my case, at sketching. Well I recomend getting a bunch of magazines, preferably ones with clothes in it and it does not matter if you like the clothes or not. Then take your paper and actually copy the clothes. Don't put your paper over top of the magazine, just freehand copy it. Doing this gives your hands the "understanding" of how to draw certain lines. It is hard to draw things like lace, ruffles, frills, and flounce onto a peice of paper. I really like to do this, sometimes when I am trying to get a certain flounce right on a skirt or dress I will look at how another sketch has done it or really look at a picture it helps to know what lines go where and how to acurately depict something.

So I challenge you guys to start sketching stuff even if it is not clothes just start drawing and it will come. I will check back in a week and report my progress. And you should always sketch in pencil.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Okay gals and guys, lesson number one from yours truly is, INSPIRATION!!! This is one of the most important aspect of designing and sewing. Once you have inspiration it all cake from there. One of my inspirations is Little House on the Prairie. I know what your thinking, "WHAT?!" Well I must say little Laura Ingles was a pimp. She wore some pretty cool stuff. That is the thing with inspiration, it can be something lame that hits you out of nowhere and you create some awesome stuff. It is all in your personal translation where the real demention and life comes to your garment. My "little house on the prairie" line has 6 peices, they are a skirt, two dress, and a shirt for little girls and two different dresses for adults.

Here is my inpiration picture. I love how the mom is holding the one girl and the other is sitting at her feet with the dog. It is priceless and just spoke to me. This was my first "line" and it was so innocent and sweet that it really hit me with inspiration.

Here is a picture of one of the little girls dresses. I would like to post the whole line ...I am horrible with pictures so I apologize ahead of time.

Anyways, inspiration! you can find it anywhere and everywhere. keep your eyes open and start sketching, sketch anything you think is pretty or cute or even ugly, sometimes you can turn it beautiful. Well, until next time, be inspired.