Thursday, June 12, 2008

Simplicity 3631

Okay here is outfit number 1 for the sewing contest. I decided to go with buttons on the coat which I really like, Thank you all for your comments they really helped me. I liked the pattern it was easy enough to read, cut and sew. For a coat this is a great pattern I recomend it for beginners, it looks really good for the amount of sewing involved. I did add and alter a bit. I hate darts so I through them into the side seam, you can do this fairly easily with stretchy fabrics. I also added the faux pockets on the skirt also. The top I did a little stichery do's on the collar, which matches the belt. I am so satisfied with the turnout. And thanks to my sis in law my pictures look amazing also. I can't wait to show you the other outfits.
I wish I would have worn different shoes, my feet look gigantic in these. I should have gone with patent leather wedges. oh, well maybe next time.


Christina said...

Hi Laura, thanks for your message!

You have got one very stylish outfit here! I'm looking forward to following your future projects...