Friday, March 28, 2008

Sketching--Part 1

Okay I am having issues with loading pictures...sorry. So lets have a talk about sketching, I HATE to do it but it is a really good way to get your ideas down before you forget them. even a rough sketch is better than nothing. So how do we get good, or decent in my case, at sketching. Well I recomend getting a bunch of magazines, preferably ones with clothes in it and it does not matter if you like the clothes or not. Then take your paper and actually copy the clothes. Don't put your paper over top of the magazine, just freehand copy it. Doing this gives your hands the "understanding" of how to draw certain lines. It is hard to draw things like lace, ruffles, frills, and flounce onto a peice of paper. I really like to do this, sometimes when I am trying to get a certain flounce right on a skirt or dress I will look at how another sketch has done it or really look at a picture it helps to know what lines go where and how to acurately depict something.

So I challenge you guys to start sketching stuff even if it is not clothes just start drawing and it will come. I will check back in a week and report my progress. And you should always sketch in pencil.


Ryan & LeDawn said...

I LOVe sketching, but I refuse to do it in pencil! Pencil smears and it pisses me off. But I tend to drag my hand across the page. But I am picky about what kind of pens I use! I can on;y use the cheap ball point pens that you get for free at offices and stuff. Weird, I know, but I also find I sketch better late at night when i am sleepless.